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Knowing who to get to work on your house can be a daunting task. Florida licensing can be confusing. There are three levels of Contractors in Florida called Divisions (1, 2 and 3). Division 1 contractors include General Contractors, Building Contractors and Residential Contractors. They all act as the general contractor or builder. While Division 2 contractors include; plumbers, electricians, HVAC(heating and air conditioning) and Roofers. Division 3 contractors include many of the contractors that most would consider sub-contractors. This might be painter, flooring, tile, windows/doors and other specialty contractors. For wind mitigation the roofer would do roofing work, including replacing roof coverings and related repairs. Division 1 contractors are needed for all structural work and work not specifically licensed under Division 1 or 2. Florida licenses can be verified through: . It is important to note some counties have similar “local” licenses. Which can be verified through the county building department or licensing department. Licensed contractors do not advertise as “licensed and insured” they list their license number. All paperwork estimates, quotes and invoices must include these items. It also important to verify all information and insurances. Not all people that call them self contractors are properly licensed.

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