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Roof deck being re-nailed after the the covering (shingles) are removed during roof covering replacement is one way to strengthen your home. Choosing a total re-roof rather than recovering your roof may be worth the discounts available and make your house safer.

Q:  Why should I get a Wind Mitigation?

A:  It is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your home.  This will allow for upgrades over time. The strengths of your home may qualify for discounts with the insurance company.

Q:  Did my house pass inspection?

A:  The inspection is not a pass or fail. There are several items that are inspected, and you may receive credit or discounts for in one or more areas, but not necessarily all areas.

Q:  How much of a discount will I receive if I make improvements to my home?

A:  Each of the seven (7) categories has a certain percentage of credit. It is best to consult with your agent for specific discounts.

Q:  Why doesn’t my house qualify for a “Hip” credit when the property appraiser website lists it as Hip?

A:  The “Hip” credit is defined by the roof geometry. The inspector will measure the total perimeter of the house.  Any non-hip feature such as a low sloped (flat) roof or gable sections of the roof cannot be more than 10% of the total perimeter. For more information click here:  Roof Geometry

Q:  I have shutters on most of my windows. Why didn’t I get credit?

A:  In most situations, the credit only applies if ALL your openings are properly protected by impact rated materials, including garage doors, skylights, and entry doors. For more information click here:  Opening protection

Q:  Why do my roof to wall attachments not qualify for a credit?

A:  You may have straps or clips attached to the wall of your home, but they may not meet the requirements for an insurance credit. The straps (wraps) or clips must be within ½” from the truss and have at least 3 nails to qualify for a “single wrap” or “clip” credit with the insurance company. For more information click on the following video links:
Roof to Wall on Block Homes
Roof to Wall Attachments–Single Wraps
Roof to Wall Attachments – Clips

Q:  How can I fix my roof to wall attachments if they do not qualify?

A:  Depending on why they do not qualify will depend on the “fix”. There are retrofitted clips that can be installed to a wood frame and masonry home. For more information click here:  Retrofit option. If the clips/wraps that are currently installed on your home are within ½” of the truss/rafter but do not have the minimum 3 nails, then a contractor can possibly install a third nail from the attic or soffits.